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How to Remove Tuvaro.com Redirect Virus

“My searches are being redirected to Tuvaro.com, it seems like a search engine and shows results as well. However, I am not sure whether it is safe or not because any sites I am trying to open is getting redirected. Also I would like to mention that Tuvaro toolbar has been added to my Google Chrome and since then these retractions are happening. It seems like a virus to me because things are changing a quite including my PC which is slowing down day by day.”

Tuvaro.com: About

Tuvaro.com is an unsafe search engine, a domain name which shows results as mentioned by the user in his question but here’s the problem. It is not good at all, is a virus and clicking will download malwares through the browser directly into your computer. This search engine opens up as a result of the redirection that is performed by Tuvaro toolbar which is a malicious extension for a browser and it can affect Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox etc. It hacks your browser, changes its settings such as home page to Tuvaro.com and shows pop ups and advertisements in the browser.

Also the results in the search engine are fake most of the time that are just intended to grab your financial credentials by redirecting users to them and luring them with attractive ads based on their interests. So, if your searches are getting driven to this website, it is time to uninstall Tuvaro toolbar quickly.


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