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These days, computer virus is one of the common problem among user. Being an internet user, you might have faced a situation that your search engine always redirect you to other known sites which are not related to your search. The above situation usually arises when your system is affected by any severe computer threat like infection. Actually is a nasty browser hijacker that secretly get installed in your system and perform numerous malicious activities to make your PC almost unusable. Every time you surf the internet, you will be frustrated with numerous pop ups with fake alerts that your system is at great risk and thus compel you to buy rouge software. keeps changing user search engine like Yahoo, Bing or Google and always redirect to other malicious web pages. It is believed that, this severe threat usually spread via Spam email attachments, removal media and most commonly via social networking sites. These malware is designed by cyber criiminals basically to steal your personal data like user name, passwords, account number and other confidential data. Moreover, your desktop background as well as browser’s home page settings get changed without your confirmation. So, it is very important to remove as early as possible before it corrupt your Windows PC.

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Threat Assessment of is a malicious item that has affected hundreds of thousands of Windows based PC on a global level. The main objective of this lethal application is to extract money out of the pockets of innocent computer users and nothing else. It is extremely dangerous and once it gains entry to the system, it starts causing untold problems and you would not get the slightest hint in the initial stages. The malware has been programmed in a highly sophisticated manner by the cyber criminals and hence the normal anti-virus so installed in the computer is unable to detect it.

Risk Level of has been assessed as follows:

  • Threat Level:- Extremely Severe
  • Number of Infections:- 0-50 Files at one time
  • Geographical Distribution:- Global
  • Operating System:- All Windows Based PC
  • Affected Countries:- USA, UK, China, Germany, Canada etc

How Enters Windows PC can penetrate the computer of yours without the slightest glitch and you would not have any idea whatsoever. It does not require the administrator permission and gets installed inside the PC hard drive in a discreet manner. Some of the ways through which can gain entry to the computer of yours are mentioned below:

  • through peer to peer file sharing tools
  • visiting malicious and adult/porn websites
  • downloading email attachments in the spam folder
  • using infected storage devices like pen drive, dvd etc
  • clicking on malicious links on social networking sites
  • from sneaky Trojans, viruses and other malware items
  • downloading free stuffs like movies, videos from torrent


Properties of is a very powerful malware and the cyber criminals have designed it in such a manner that it does not get detected by the heuristic scanning of the anti-virus software being installed in the PC. The most annoying part of it is that it is extremely difficult to be removed using manual methods. Actually it is a clone of the multiple rogue anti-spyware tools that is marketed on the internet. The malware uses different names and is known by several aliases which infects all versions of Windows based operating system. messes with the “.exe” file extension and you might have trouble running applications like MS Word, Excel, Notepad etc.

Malicious Error Messages after Infection

Once your PC is being infected with, you would find strange error messages and pop ups continually being displayed on the monitor of yours. Some of the fake error messages are displayed below:

  • All activity of this computer has been recorded.
  • If you use a webcam, videos and pictures were saved for future identifications.

System Security Alert!

  • Vulnerabilities found
  • Background scan for security breaches has been finished. Serious problems have been detected. Safeguard your system against exploits, malware and viruses right now by activating Proactive Defence.

Unlock your computer:

  • To unlock your computer and to avoid other legal consequences you are obligated to pay a fine of $400. After payment is made your computer will be unlocked and legal actions will not be taken. Failure to comply could result in criminal charges and possible imprisonment up to 3 years in country jail. Firewall Alert

  • Iexplore.exe is infected with Private data can be stolen by third parties, including credit card details and passwords.

You should not pay the slightest bit of attention to any of the aforementioned error messages. The above errors are just rogue tactics employed by the cyber criminals to cause terror on you and nothing else. You should not pay a single dime to them and rather remove oyodomo.comas early as possible.


How to Tell if PC is Infected with

When your Windows computer is infected with the aforesaid worm, you would find that the PC of yours has started behaving in an abnormal manner lately. Annoying pop ups and error messages would become the order of the day. You would get fake notifications when opening applications like Adobe Photoshop, Internet Explorer, MS Office etc. Your computer would become a hub for all the undesired advertising activities. Your PC would become unresponsive most of the times accompanied by blue screen of death frequently. The browser would become unresponsive and most of the applications would crash out of the blue.

Fake Scanning and Rogue Activities of

As soon as gets installed on the hard drive of your computer, it commences its malicious activities straightaway. It would generate a fake scanning of your PC and would generate rogue alerts and reports. In that report, it would be stated that the Windows PC is affected with many viruses and other malware and hence it is unable to perform normally. The computer is hijacked and would tell that in order to fix the PC problems, you would have to purchase the licenses version of the software. Moreover oyodomo.comhas the copycat look of the genuine anti-virus and hence many people gets lured away. When you pay the money, the problem is not solved and is rather aggravated as additional malware gets installed in your PC and sooner or later your computer is going to crash down. You should understand that it is just a tactic by the hackers and you should be carried away by this. Instead you should take stringent steps to uninstall oyodomo.comat the earliest. Connects to Online Hacker is nothing but a bogus application fueled by fake alerts and bogus warnings that you should not pay the slightest bit of attention. You should understand that it is developed by highly skilled cyber crooks and hence you should never underestimate the damage it can cause on your PC. It connects to online hacker and all the work you perform on your system is being recorded on a server situated remotely. All your confidential data like bank statements, credit card details, social security number is at the stake of getting accessed and you can become a severe victim of identity theft. makes use of keyloggers to tap the mouse clicks and records the keystrokes and conveys the information to 3rd party for their malicious gains. So you should understand the gravity of the situation and get rid of oyodomo.comas early as possible.


Consequences of Infection would only intimidate you to get the licensed version of the software and extract money out of the pockets of the innocent people. The malware makes the PC dumb and unresponsive most of the times. Some of the aftermath of infection are summarized under the following headings:

  • innumerable desktop shortcuts are created
  • task manager is rendered useless and crashes
  • internet speed is drastically reduced all of a sudden
  • mouse pointer is unable to respond most of the times
  • search engine results are being redirected to malicious sites
  • slow booting and shut down with frequent blue scree of death
  • homepage of the web browser is replaced with something else
  • strange and unknown processes are running in the background
  • slow and sluggish PC performance with frequent crashing issue
  • unwanted and obscure icons are being created across the hard drive
  • unable to launch applications like Dreamweaver, Photoshop, MS Office

Automatic Removal Tool

If your PC is infected with and all hell seems to break loose, then there is nothing to worry the least anymore. Download Removal Tool and completely uninstall this malicious threat from the Windows PC now. The software comes equipped with the latest algorithmic techniques and uses heuristic scanning methods to locate the malware. Once has been identified, the software makes use of sophisticated programming methods to flush it out from the hard drive in an easy step by step manner. The software is compatible across all platforms of Windows PC like XP, Vista, Seven etc. This tool stands as the best alternative to get rid of spyware, worms, Trojans, browser hijacker and rootkits. The oyodomo.comRemoval Tool combines the properties of anti-spyware and anti-virus tool and flushes out all the infected items from the PC thereby making the system clean.


User Testimonials Regarding Removal Tool

Given below are some of the personal feedbacks shared by people whose PC got infected with oyodomo.comand how Removal Tool helped them in getting rid of the infection:

“When my Windows Vista got infected with, it started behaving in an abnormal manner. The speed and performance was extremely slow and search engine results were redirected to some malicious sites. I got online and came across this software. I downloaded the demo version and it did a full system scan to locate the malware with 86% rootkit samples. I then paid for the licensed version and to tell you the truth the software filtered my hard drive and got rid of the stubborn item without causing any damage to my system.” Ogden Pietsch, Kansas

“I was completely frustrated with my Windows 7 laptop because I tried every software to uninstall but of no avail. After a lot of efforts, I came across Removal Tool and successfully got rid of the malware. The installation of the software is easy and I had no trouble whatsoever using the tool. Once you delve deeper into the working of the tool, you will find it easy as the programming is sophisticated with improved malware protection. It cleaned my system of the infected items and the PC performance was also optimized to 3 fold times. In short I am glad that I had found this software and the tool is going to be my savior in the future from all the malware items.” Julia Wentworth, Mississippi Removal Tool Software Features

This is the best tool that can protect your Windows based computer from the wrath of infection. It is an all in one utility tool that not only gets rid of the malware from the system hard drive but optimizes the system performance as long as you are updating the version of the software. The download engine is superbly designed as it can block spyware and viruses from gaining access and there is a sandbox feature available that allows user to run any application that appears risky on a virtual environment. With powerful firewall support, all your important and personal data is secured, no one can infringe your online identity and the tool blocks all kind of hacker attacks.

Some of the other features of Removal Tool are summarized under the following headings below:

  • complete protection across all virus and spyware
  • detects emerging, unknown and new PC threats
  • delivers optimum security while shopping online
  • compatible with all versions of Windows based PC
  • your privacy and personal data is completely secured


User Guide to Run Removal Tool

The overall interface of the automatic removal tool is user friendly and people will have no trouble whatsoever using the software to get rid of the infection. The software installs quickly and without consuming any extra time. You will be guided in a step by step easy process and the software will complete the rest of the task to uninstall from the PC of yours.

If you still have problems running the software then the working of the software is mentioned below with screen shots explaining each and every step in detail.

Step 1:

The first and foremost step is download and install the software. It takes few moments to install after which you can access the main interface of the software. All you need to do is to click on the button that displays “Scan Computer” where the removal tool will start searching for the malwares in your PC.


Step 2:

In the second step, you will find that the Removal Tool is scanning the hard drive so as to locate the infected items. All the threats that are so scanned are displayed in a thumbnail format as you can see with description as to how fatal the item is.


Step 3:

There is an in built feature available called “Spyware Help Desk”. You can get complete help and information regarding the spyware and malware that you have encountered in your PC


Step 4:

Use “System Guard” to block all the malicious stuffs from entering your PC thereby making your computer absolutely safe from future virus and malware attacks.


Manual Method to Delete

You can get rid of the aforementioned malware from your computer using manual procedure provided you carry out all the processes in a step by step manner discussed below:

Kill the Process: The first and the foremost step is to terminate the process of oyodomo.comfrom Task Manager. For this you need to press Control, Alt and Delete button all at one single time. From the list, you need to terminate the process. Once this is done, the malware is unable to continue its malicious activities.

Uninstall Programs: The next step would be to open the Control Panel and from there click on all the suspicious and unknown programs that has been illegitimately being installed in your PC one way or the another.

Delete Registry Entries: You need to open the Windows Registry Editor by typing in “regedit” in the Run box. From there you need to delete all the malicious and corrupt registry entries that has been generated

Expert Note: Must Read for Novice Users

The manual process discussed above so as to delete oyodomo.comis designed for those individuals who have complete knowledge about the internal working of the Windows PC. If you are a novice and knows little about the computer, then the aforementioned steps are not meant for you. It is so because any mistake can prove fatal for your PC thereby causing it to crash instantly. Moreover the manual process is cumbersome and takes a lot of time and patience. And there is no complete guarantee that oyodomo.comwould be removed from the computer of yours successfully. If you happen to miss any malicious files from getting deleted, then the malware can replicate itself and start causing tantrums inside the hard disk. So for best results experts recommend to opt for 3rd party removal tool that can easily remove oyodomo.comfrom the system in an easy manner with undue hassles.

Recommendations to Protect PC from Future Malware Attacks

It is very important that you take very good care of your Windows PC so that in the future you don’t want any further spyware, virus or Trojan inside your system. There are certain precautions you need to take that can make your computer safe and healthy and free from cyber attacks:

  • regularly update the virus definition of your anti-spyware tool
  • block incoming connections with the help of firewall support
  • don’t click on malicious advertisements on social websites
  • don’t open unknown emails especially when they are spam
  • don’t download free stuffs from torrent or any other website
  • use strong passwords; 5 characters, one special character
  • properly scan secondary storage devices before using them


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